Ankit Fadia Speaks on Cyber Terror Attack

Dec 17, 2008

CXOtoday Staff

Fadia, a widely recognized computer security guru and cyber terrorism expert said cyber terrorism is more dangerous than any other form of terrorism.

Widely recognized by who? Fadia doesn't seem to have the experience (other than media whoring) to be a "security expert."

According to him, many countries these days rely heavily on their computers and related technology to carry out daily activities. He said cyber terrorism can involve attacks on computers that can make them inaccessible for weeks and intrusions into unauthorized sensitive personal data such as the bank accounts.

"The" bank accounts? Whose accounts exactly? Did Fadia forget the definition of 'terrorism' again?

Fadia gave the example of a heavily technology-dependent eastern European country - Estonia, who recently implored NATO to take a position against cyber terrorism after accusing Russia of cyber terrorism against them. "Estonia is a small country, but imagine if it was India. The situation is unimaginable," he said.

Even though India is a highly developed nation, police and security agencies are ill equipped. According to Fadia, cyber cops of various state police departments are not aware of even basics of cyber security and cited an example of a constable said to have enquired where the Internet building is located.

"Why do we not protect ourselves and educate ourselves?," he questioned and quoted that sometime ago NASSCOM estimated short of 40% computer security professionals in the year 2003, however, no adequate steps is taken by the government till now."

Where is the 'expert' in all of this? Generalized statements about "authorities aren't prepared" are hardly a new thing, and demonstrate nothing more than him reading news articles the last ten or more years.

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